Hi 👋, I'm TK!

Developer, Software Engineer, and Student!


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Multi-platform bot designed for use on Discord, Twitch and Kick. The bot is capable of tracking users' messages and monitoring similar accounts. It offers a variety of commands that allow users to easily access song information from the stream, by listening to the stream. Additionally, the bot is able to display bonus hunt status updates.

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Website for the CSGO YouTuber Juicy!

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Various Wager leaderboards and websites

Wager leaderboards and websites for multiple big gambling streamers.

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Other Project

Twitch reward bot for watching the stream with stream context, AI chatbot, Kick.com Live Notification, ...

Worked with



Largest Danish gambling streamer with over 170k followers on Twitch and 256k subscribers on YouTube.

DDK Team


YouTuber with 507k Subs on YouTube.

Moe Logo


Gambling Streamer and YouTuber with 899K Follower on Twitch and 553K Subs on YouTube.


And a lot more!

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